Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making rainbows

I baked rainbow cupcakes today. :D

Got the idea last week while surfing on Deviantart. Someone had made a layered cake with all the colours of the rainbow and covered it in blue icing and fluffy white cloud shapes. So when you cut up the sky, you got a rainbow inside. It was gorgeous. So Mama and I attempted it this morning.

Our tools.

Step 1: Violet.

Step 2: Yellow. Hehe. Sri Aman colours.

Step 3: Orange.

Step 4: Blue.

Step 5: Pink. It was supposed to be red. But I put too little colouring.

Step 6: Green.

Last layer is normal cupcake-y colour.



Every cupcake cup has a different rainbow pattern on it. So awesome.

How do you like your cupcake icing?
With chocolate sprinkles ...

Rainbow sprinkles ...

Or both? Hehe.

I'll be bringing what's left of the batch next week to college. I tried to rescue as many as I could, 'cause my siblings sort of ... didn't stop coming to the kitchen to grab a piece. Haha.

Ps. Went to MPH warehouse sale again. Geehee. Bought another 6 books. I found a 1980's Teen Titans graphic novel for only 20 bucks!! It was a steal! Haha.

Ps.2 Happy birthday to Li Jing and Nigel, my two NS pals. Have a rocking good time and welcome to the Legal Club! :D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yay, presents!

I turned 18 yesterday. :)

I share my birthday from many famous people. Jessica Alba, Terry Pratchett, Harper Lee ... Saddam Hussein. Yup, famous people.

And Ee Won! Happy birthday dear! :D

So here's the photodump of stuff I got. And that's my new laptop, under all the stuff! Still haven't named it. It's awesome, got webcam and everything. I love it. xD

Bracelet from Hanna. :)

The necklace also from Hanna. Purse from Maktuk.

Swimming dog in the mouse Mira gave me. Haha.

Baby Phat watch from Mama (It's GORGEOUS.) and a 'newton's cradle' from Nazim. I love the cradle thing, I've always wanted one. Hee.

The day went by very normally. Went to MPH warehouse sale, bought 6 books. Started reading Soul Music by Terry Pratchett yesterday (I think it's awesome that I share a birthday with this guy. He's awesome.). Hilarious.

After that was supposed to go to Pyramid with ze Collegers, but then Mr. Zul (my driving teacher) called and said that my Wednesday class has to be cancelled, so he moved it to Tuesday. I said OK, since that I have to pass my QTI test this week if I'm going to get to take the JPJ exam in the second week of May. So yeah. I passed my hill, parking and turn test, but failed the road test. So I have to take it again, by this week. Grarr. Engine died twice. Felt like an idiot.

At night, ate at Cozy Corner with the rest of the fam. Then went to the DVD store and bought a copy of The Secret Life of Bees. I'm only halfway through my assignment, 'cause I couldn't remember any of the 'verbal and non-verbal messages' I'm supposed to note down. Also bought Aristocats, because I was feeling nostalgic. Asked for Beauty and the Beast, but they don't have it. Haha.

Ooh and today, I went to the college to see if the computers there could access Malaysiakini. Turns out they can't. But I did my ECS journal essays instead. Then met Hamizah for lunch. It's so good to see her. <3>

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tapirs! And a puppy.

First off, Happy World Tapir Day!
And Happy Birthday to Fifi and Jess! :D

Back to the tapirs ...

Tapirs are large herbivores that belong to the Tapirdae family, of the Perissodactyla order of mammals. Four species of tapir exist on the planet today, all of which are endangered.
Info yanked from the World Tapir Day website. :)

Speaking of furry critters, I climbed into a longkang this evening to rescue a puppy. I heard it yapping while I was cycling. Found it wandering around in the deep drain, looking miserable and with a bad leg. I followed it around for a bit till it settled down to rest. Then I cycled back home, got Nazim and came back for a rescue mission.

I got into the longkang and tried to pick it up, but it kept moving away. It growled at me too. Heh. I followed it some 2 meters through a dusty spiderwebby tunnel, then it went into a bigger drain with a much lower roof. So I climbed out, crossed the road and checked under the longkang there -

And it was gone.
Seriously. It wasn't there anymore.
Nazim and I ran around in circles looking for it, but gosh knows what small ceruk it crawled into. So we left after ten minutes. Just a while ago, Mama went out for a while and came back saying she heard dog noises yapping. She said she's been hearing those sounds for days now! D: Poor puppy. Hopefully, next time I hear it again it'll let me carry it out.

Today is definitely going into my ECS journal project, man. Too eventful not to. xD

Why I can't live without handphones

Hey, why isn't Blogspot letting me post photos? :(

EDIT: For Nad, who wanted a sparkly pink serial killer pony. :D

After college I walked to the flyover where Mama usually picks me up and realised that I forgot to bring my handphone. So I just waited. Then it started to rain. Good thing I had my mini umbrella. As it got heavier, it hit me; I told Mama that I had meeting today ... what if she was waiting for me to call first? That got me worried. But I just waited anyway.

For half an hour.

Then I kinda got a bit noodly in my head wondering whether she was just late or really was waiting for me to call. I walked back under the flyover and crossed the roads a few times, like some confused chicken. Then I made up my mind and went to ask the traffic policeman for help. xD

Traffic policeman #1 didn't have credit. D: So he told me to cross the road a bit further where Traffic policeman #2 was on duty, saying to tell him that he asked him to help me. So I crossed the road and waited for the road to clear, because the guy was standing in the middle. Finally, the road cleared! I crossed - then realised that the policeman had crossed to the side of the road. So yeah, that was ... frustrating.

Finally, I found an opening before the cars could start again and managed to ask him for help. He was real nice about it. Gave me his phone and told me "Jangan bawak lari pulak". xD So I called Mama, who really was waiting for me to call and wondering why the heck I wasn't answering my phone. Five minutes later, she came to pick me up. Haha.

And that was my eventful adventure of the day.

So thanks, traffic policemen guys! I dunno what I would have done without you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hit and miss

Having this strange little rindu feeling.

Bunch of things leading up to this I guess ... Saw Nahjan and Aiman at OU the other day. Five minutes later, saw Rui Rong (I dunno, I thought she's supposed to be at NS? Unless they're holidaying right now? OK I have no idea. Heh.). So kinda ... missing school people. xD

And then with the Delta reunion next week ... I miss NS people as well. Which sucks because it's so far away. Sort of coming to the realisation that there's no real way to meet up with everyone at once, y'know? At least I didn't go to a Sabah or Sarawak camp. That would be even more difficult to plan a get-together.

At least the MPH warehouse sale is next week. I've been neglecting my reading list for too long. Give me something to distract myself with. :D And here I was thinking I'd miss the sale because of NS. Whee.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane (i wish)

Kuantan is so far away.

All I can taste is this moment

It's halfway through the week, and time is flying by pretty fast. College life is going well, and work is slowly creeping in ... I don't mind the slow way it creeps in, that way I can get used to it in small stages. Haha. Orientation Night was ... meh, boring the first couple of hours. Tried to keep ourselves occupied by 'adventuring'. Which meant going to the back of the courtyard overlooking the highway. Heh. The dance floor time was fun though.

Yesterday a group of us went to Pyramid for lunch at KFC. 'Twas fun. Kent couldn't stop laughing about something ... can't remember what. I started laughing too, because his laugh is contagious! It hurt. I felt like my insides were going to explode. xD
Then when we were about to leave the carpark, Sharine made a sarcastic 'ah' noise. Which Azhar said sounded sexual. Us girls (Sharine, Sammie and I) disagreed ... seriously, everyone makes that noise all the time. Then we turned to Kent, who agreed with Azhar about it. Later, which was earlier today, even Suzuki said so! :\ Must be a boy thing.

Other stuff, Fahmi sent out an invite so that we could get all the NS people together ... on an outing to Genting! But not many people could go so it was cancelled. :( Hamizah and I were just getting excited. Hoping to get it on in the next few weeks.
Speaking of NS, Yen told me that Zizan told her that Sheda told him that she discussed with Cikgu Gee for a reunion. Phew. xD So I told One, who went to talk to Sheda about it. So it's:
Cikgu Gee discussed with Sheda who told Zizan who informed Yen who contacted Sara who told One who called Sheda to talk about it.
Haha. I love that sentence.
So One talked to Sheda and find out that she and Cikgu Gee are headed to Kuantan today to have a chat with Zizan about it. Which is pretty sad 'cause One can't make it ... and she's our girl squad leader. Man, if they were having it closer to home, I wouldn't mind going either. Hoping to contact them later today to see what they've decided on. I hope it's a good time and I can make it. :)

Driving is going well. Hopefully I can take my JPJ test next month on the 14th. Can't wait to get a license.

Oh! And I have a laptop now! Papa walked into my room last night and just ... gave it to me. And I'm all: ....... O_O
Haha. Well. Since that there's no class tomorrow, I'm gonna work on getting the laptop installed with all my stuff. I have yet to name it. ^^

Well this is a pretty long post. xD Just wanted to get everything out there. Excuse my ranting.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I hope you made back-ups.

Human brains, unlike computers, have unlimited memory space.
Depends on whether you choose to file the memory away properly so you can remember in future lah.
But even so, my brain feels ridiculously stuffed right now.
Equivalent to eating a whole roast chicken.
Then questioning whether that chicken was fresh to begin with.

So. Um. Break out the Friends DVDs, I'm going to NOT THINK ABOUT STUFF.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats

Went to Singapore on Saturday to watch Cats with Mira and Acu. :D
Left the LCCT terminal at 8. Hour's flight to Singapore. Then took the train to Outram, where our hotel was. One thing about the hotel; it's ... different.

This is the view of the lobby. From the 27th floor. Mira and I went exploring together on the last day. Got into the lifts (which were bloody fast; got motion sickness watching the floors whoosh past) and punched the highest floor button. It's so high up. My knees turned to jelly staring down all those floors. xD
We showed the photos to Cik, Acu's friend. She said that it looks like a zebra's backside. Hehehe.

Anyway, to the show itself! We got seats in the third circle, which is pretty high up. Can see the performers, but too far to make out their faces. Here're some photos I yanked from Mira's camera, since that mine is sucky and grainy.

In Mira's words, "It was freaky, but awesome." Because really, the cat costumes? And the way they jumped around? Eerily cat-like. I liked to watch their tails swinging around. Haha. And everytime there are cats dancing in the middle of the stage, there were others lurking at the edges, doing feline things like cleaning their ears and playing with other cats' tails. Very cool.

At one point the cats were whispering together on stage and I heard whispering very close by. Mira elbowed me and indicated the sides (we were sitting in the middle). THERE WAS A CAT STANDING THERE. Leaning across the poor people sitting at the very end and whispering. Gah. Freaky. xD

T-shirt and keychain bought at the souvenir stand. Very fond of the t-shirt, it's just the right size. :D

Random photo shot while Mira and I were adventuring. xD

Found this store while walking down Orchard Road. Took out my camera, caused a lot of people to stare. xD Then two guys actually stopped, looked at the sign with interest and went in. Haaha.